This guy is the poster child for computer nerd with no social life. Not that I'm making fun - my social life is pretty much nil.

I'm also disturbed that technology moves this fast. I still haven't bought into this twitter thing - I don't tweet or tweetle or twit or whatever, and this guy has already stepped it up to the next level. Thanks, Adam Wilson, for making me feel like an unaccomplished lazy slug.

Adam Wilson, a biomedical engineering graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has figured out how to "tweet" using just the power of his brain. His method uses the Brain Computer Interface, or BCI, software program.

Wilson tells NPR's Michele Norris he got the idea from Roger Ebert's blog in March.

"He was talking about twittering in this article and at one point he said, 'In the near future, people will be using their brain activity to update their Twitter accounts,'" Wilson says. "I thought, 'I could probably have something like this working tonight.'"

Wilson said he "hacked" the Brain Computer Interface software and sent a test message that night. And the next morning, he sent the first message with his brain activity, he says.

Check out this NPR article for more details and to watch a video of the technology.