In The Cognitive Core Of The Mathematics

PARCELATORIES OF SECOND ORDER don't exist in fact. What exists are counting processes, a human...

Parcelatories' Powers - Equations Like Fermat's Last Theorem

"We understand the relation between houses and walls. But it would be hard to cross the gap between...

On The Prism Of The Parcelatories

DEFINITIONSParcelatories, or Partitions, is a mathematical function of Combinatory Analysis which...

A Brief History Of Numerical Counting

ince the beginnings of humanity, the task of counting was always very important. The development...

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I'm a brazilian scientist and automation systems consultant, who studies intelligence in its different aspects, from the Artificial Intelligence, to the Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence passing, surely... Read More »

Recently (February/05/2009) the BBC released new numbers for the Drake Equation, demonstrating that there may be hundreds of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy.

These numbers are very volatile and the evidences tend to increase with discoveries of new chemical combinations, new extra-solar planets and new forms of life that survive in the most inhospitable environments right here, in our planet.

Meanwhile, the people of the SITI Project continues promoting a great effort to read meticulously each signal obtained from radio telescopes in the hope of finding evidence of some other intelligent civilization.