If you don't know the story of the cane toads, here's the short version: imported to Australia in hopes of controlling the cane beetle, which came to the continent with the sugar cane when *it* was imported (are you sensing an unfortunate pattern here?), they now run amok and wreak havoc on natural Australian ecosystems.  It's one of the best invasive species horror stories that I know.

(side note: possibly the best thing to come out of this tragedy is the documentary, "Cane Toads: An Unnatural History", which you should see IMMEDIATELY if for some reason you haven't.  Priceless.  I believe one of the "reviews" on the DVD case reads, "If Monty Python made a documentary, this would be it!")

Anyway, the latest news: loads of cane toads were collected by some locals and disposed of "humanely".  There are some parts of the video that are almost documentary-worthy in their oddness.