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Here is a list of all the plants that we ate this Thanksgiving dinner. We made our usual dinner for 10 people, family and guests. Below the plant list is a list of the dishes we made.  Corn appears in many items that may not be obvious, such as mashed potatoes. However, turkey and dairy products are made from animals fed almost entirely on corn. So any item containing dairy products is listed as containing corn. The total number of plants is 42, though a few are different varieties of the same species. Sugar is of two potential sources, sugar cane and beet sugar. It happens that all the sugar we have on hand is cane sugar. Sugar not labeled as cane sugar is generally beet sugar.

We’d be interested in any other plants that you might have eaten this Thanksgiving. Please add in comments, and tell us both what plant you used (don’t worry about the species name and family) and in what dish you used the plant. 

Common nameSpeciesFamilyDish
kiwiActinidia deliciosaActinidiaceae15
red onionAllium cepaAlliaceae4
yellow onionAllium cepaAlliaceae1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 14
spinachSpinacia oleraceaAmaranthaceae15
garlicAllium sativumAmaryllidaceae2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11
green onionsAllium cepaAmaryllidaceae11
celeryApium graveolensApiaceae2, 3, 11
collard greensBrassica oleraceaBrassicaceae5
kaleBrassica oleraceaBrassicaceae5
rape (oil)Brassica napusBrassicaceae15
turnip greensBrassica rapaBrassicaceae5
pineappleAnana comusBromeliaceae7
sweet potatoesIpomoea batatasConvolulaceae8
pumpkinCucurbita pepoCucurbitaceae14
cranberryVaccinium macrocarponEricaceae3, 1
green beansPhaseoulus vulgarisFabaceae4
peanut (oil)Arachis hypogaeaFabaceae1, 2, 3
soy (oil)Glycine maxFabaceae15
pecansCarya illinoiensisJuglandaceae8
marjoramMajorana hortensisLamiaceae1, 2, 3
rosemaryRosmarinus officinalisLamiaceae1, 2, 3
sageSalvia officinalisLamiaceae1, 2, 3
thymeThymus vulgarisLamiaceae1, 4, 11
cinnamonCinnamomum verumLauraceae14
figFicus sp.Moraceae3,
Cavendish bananaMusa acuminataMusaceae7, 15
nutmegMyristica sp.Myristicaceae11, 14
clovesSyzygium aromaticumMyrtaceae14
olive (oil)Olea europeaOleaceae4, 5, 8, 11
vanillaVanilla planifoliaOrchidaceae14
black pepperPiper nigrumPiperaceae1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 15
cornZea maysPoaceae1,2,3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 16
sugar caneSaccharum sp.Poaceae7, 8, 10, 14
wheatTriticum aestivumPoaceae3, 16
appleMalus sp.Rosaceae1,3,5
cherriesPrunus aviumRosaceae13
strawberryFraxinum x ananassaRosaceae7, 15
lemonCitrus limonRutaceae1, 11
navel orangeCitrus sinensisRutaceae15
tangeloCitrus x tangeloRutaceae15
potatoesSolanum tuberosumSolanaceae9
gingerZingiber offinaleZingiberaceae14


1Cranberry-Glazed Turkey
2Corn Bread Dressing
3Fruit bread dressing
4Green Beans&Red Onions
5Greens in apple cider
6Rolls & Butter
7Strawberry Jello Salad
8Sweet potatoes with Pecans, Brown Sugar
9Mashed potatoes
10Cranberry Sauce
11Southern Oyster Casserole
12Apple Cider
13Cherry Cider
14Pumpkin pie
15Green salad with fruit
16macaroni & cheese