I am spending a week in Kolimbari, a nice seaside place in western Crete. Here the fifth International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics is being held in the Orthodox Academy of Crete. The conference gathers together high-energy experimentalists and theorists, nuclear physicists, neutrino physicists, and also other specialists. 
As I am not talking this year (I am here because I am co-organizing a mini-workshop on Higgs physics), I thought it was a good idea to ask the organizers if they needed help, and I got the task of organizing the poster selection committee. 26 posters have been presented, and will be on display tomorrow evening. We will have to select the best ones, whose authors will win a prize.

The list of topics is quite varied. I thought I would share it with you here, as maybe you are interested in the detailed contents of one or two of them - upon request I can produce some more information. Here is the list:

1. ABDOLMALEKI, Hamed, "Global Analysis of Parton Distribution Functions with Intrinsic Charm"
2. BARBOSA DOS SANTOS, Thiago, "Light geodesics near a decaying black hole"
3. BASALAEV, Artem, "Search for WIMP dark matter produced in association with a Z boson with the ATLAS detector"
4. DI LUZIO, Luca,      "A cosmologically safe KSVZ axion"
5. GADIROVA, Uker, "Investigation of the atmosphere of HD164136 (F2II)"
6. GHAFFARI-TURAN, Azam, "Next-to-Next-to-leading order QCD analysis of non-singlet structure functions"
7. GILLARD, Adam, "On the emergence of q-AdS physics and applications of q-deformations to neutrino oscillations"
8. GONZALEZ-MESTRES, Luis,  "The present status of Cosmology and new approaches to particles and Cosmos"
9. GONZALEZ-MESTRES, Luis, "Value of H, spinorial space-time and Universe's expansion"
10. HOELCK, Johannes,  NENDZIG, Felix, WOLSCHIN, Georg, "Magnetic field effects in ϒ dissociation"
11. JAIN, Poonam, "Systematic study of the anomolous feature of actinide region"
12. KATRAMATOU, Mina, "Measurement of the neutron to proton inelastic structure function ratio, and of the down to up quark distribution ratio in the nucleon"
13. KUMAR, Yogesh, "Production of electromagnetic radiation in relativistic heavy ion collisions"
14. MEGIAS, Eugenio, "Anomalous transport and Weyl semi-metals"
15. MINKOWSKI, Peter, "Overview on oscillatory modes of u, d, s qqq valence quark modes in bayons"
16. PAL, Kausik, "Transition temperature of QCD phase diagram in presence of external magnetic field"
17. SALIMI-AMIRI, Maryam,  "New parameterization for polarized parton densities with uncertainties"
18. SAMEDOV, Zahir, "Investigation of the Atmosphere of HD 164136"
19. SAMPSONIDOU, Despoina, "Precise determination of the muon reconstruction efficiency in ATLAS at Run-II"
20. SULEIMAN, Ramzi,  "A relativistic model of matter-wave duality explains the results of the double-slit experiment"
21. UKA, Arban, "The Wheeler-Dewitt Equation and the Search for new Physics at the Planck Scales"
22. VASILEIADIS, Georgios, " The GlueX Experiment at Jlab: Overview and Preliminary Results "
23. VECHERNIN, Vladimir, "Correlation between heavy flavour production and multiplicity in string fusion approach"
24. XU, Feng, "Brillouin scattering enhancement by the opto-acoustic excitation of a single nanoparticle"
25. ZAHEDI, Ramin,  "On the Logical Origin of the Laws Governing the Fundamental Forces of Nature: A New Axiomatic Algebraic (Matrix) Approach"
26. ZHOU, You,  "A drop of QGP produced in small collision system?"

I will let you know what we select as the winning ones tomorrow or Tuesday.