The 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species is coming up next week, and even the creationists are celebrating. In fact one of them is giving out free copies of Darwin's seminal book. The catch? It comes with a confused, incoherent creationist rant as the introduction. The creationist is Ray Comfort, who has decided to distribute copies of the Origin to "100 top U.S. universities," which apparently includes Washington University here in St. Louis. because Comforts foot soldiers were out in force, handing out books to students at the campus metro train station. This deserves more discussion here, which will be forthcoming when I can catch a breather in the lab. In the mean time, the National Center for Science Eduation, on top of things as usual, has set up a web site, Don't Diss Darwin, with some great resources for working your way through Comfort's crazy creationist rhetoric. You can read the intro yourself here (PDF). Read the feed: