There seems to be a trend occuring in society that is trying to unify the science humanity has cultured and cradled  in order to explain objectively the existence of observable phenomena with the relligion that humanity spawned to give explanation to those very same observable phenomena.  Only it was religion who first throned itself dictator of the minds of women and men alike before the birth of science after the Middle Ages.  It is in this very naturally seeming way that the religious explanations of these phenomena proffered by some ancient and contemplative imaginations to give meaning to the otherwise incomprehensible enigmas that surrounded early man, had a few hundred years headstart on the claim to truth.  The only reason religion still exists today, I beleive is because of that enormous headstart it had to begin with.  Consider it to be a race over truth.

And taking into adsorption this view that science and religion are competitors, relgion who has been leading throughout history sneaks a peak over his shoulder and witnesses surity of defeat.  For at the pace science is now striding, by comparison it makes religions's "sprint" appear as fast as an infant's crawl.  But also in comparison it is science, being that what can be considered the newly formed, innocent, baby-faced entity, and relgioin the stubborn, eccentric old man, whose character throughout the experiences of history has obtained a keen sense of shrewdness in expedience to his divine will. The oldman seeing seeing that he certianly will be soon overtaken by someone, as the saying goes, who was born by yesterday utilizes this shrewdness. 

 Now at present date in this seemingly consequential race that effaces and upstages issues of greater difficulty and thus demand greater attention than they are receiving. 

Taking claim of legitimacy over the babe science, this clever old man, religion, in midstrides is sensing an ever reinforcing feeling of defeat, and places before science the proposition of partnership which is to say reality a stalemate. 

This stalemate is none other than Intelligent Design theory.  I see no reason why science would ever concede to accepting this stalemate condition, to impose ad hoc  restrictions on what science can ever hope to know.  Science will jump this hurdle as if it were speed bump.   



The above was an excert from my physical journal that I started writing before I knew that blogs existed. The excert is dated August 11th, 2004 written around 10 am.