Computer simulated reality will soon be on par with the amount of social dedication traditoinally given to physical reality. Synthetic realities are fathomable only as a continuation of the complexity in the universe. If we were to take the postulate that consciousness arises from complexity to its fullest implications, the next step in the chain of reasoning would be to deduce that we are forming higher levels of complexity in nature by our own interactions with each other. Therefore these complexities formed by the entire collective efforts of individual humans, must be producing consciousness. The question is where is that consciousness? Can it be physically located as being in some exact position in space?


Measureing complexity: A visual representation of the Internet

It seems we have still a rather vague notion of what it means for consciousness to arise from complexity. Assuming that we are forming an emerging consciousness form our own complex interactions, we are faced of the problem of where it is physically, the emerging consciousness that is. This is the same problem that we face already with trying to locate consciousness in humans and animals. Is it in the brain? Is part of it in the body as well? Is it a combination of both?

It's funny to think that if neurons could vocalize themselves, would we hear them asking these same questions? Would a neuron ask itself, where does my consciousness come from, and I am part of something higher than the nature of my intelligence will ever be able to comprehend? Is that also the situation for humans? the neurons that form the intellectual net of some superintelligent entity? Does this entity have freewill, that is the power to be omnipotent, or is it restricted by the capabilites of its individual components, i.e., us? I beleive science in the near future will be able to answer such questions, where does consciousness reside, if any place at all? Like neurons, is it possible to turn humans into the individual components of a superintelligence? If so, would we ever be able to be aware of and thus access this intelligence, or we would we remain oblivious of our higher functionings, similar to how we would think a neuron is oblivious to the conscious entity to which it belongs?