This is a warning especially to East Asians, most of which have never seen anything like this, because in China for example, there is no such thing and it is unheard of. Now they are warned to avoid Western European cities such as Berlin, London, and Paris. There are No Go Areas in those cities, but the authorities deny this, and so there are for example no warning signs posted around such areas! We are told, for example by airlines (below is a picture of a page from Air China's inflight magazine "Wings of China") and East European governments (see here, using the term No Go Zone), that in these areas, the Black or islamic populations make it is very dangerous to go there. However, although true of course, this is still a little misleading.


Before I explain what a No Go Zone really is, let me tell you two reasons for why it is especially important for East Asians.


This is especially important for my Chinese readers for example, because they still have this idyllic image of Europe that they remember from their English lessons' books. Going to beautiful Paris once in your life is still a big thing to brag about in China. However, and due to the very population already mentioned, the beauty and especially that great atmosphere and exciting culture that there once was everywhere in those cities – well, it has sadly long since given way to ugliness and fear. Believe me – I have lived in these places for extended times and witnessed the decay and was even involved in creating No Go Zones (as I will soon explain), so I know what I am talking about.


It is especially important for East Asians, because the populations in No Go Zones are highly negatively ethnocentric (“racist”) and hatefully envious especially of those races that have an advanced cultural and high average IQ background. If you are an East Asian, do not think you will be treated better than Whites, that you may be seen as a minority member or suchlike. North East Asians are lightly colored and widely known to have high IQ and, for example with China being a clearly secular country, are also known to represent an advanced civilization with little regard for religious idiocy. You are more despised than Whites.* As is also known from US crime statistics, East Asians are especially targeted; also because they are seen as easy targets.


But what then is a No Go Zone actually? Although it is true that it is dangerous for Whites for example to go there, this is not really the reason for the term “No Go Zone”.

What happens is this: Say you get confused with the underground subway map and end up at the wrong station. Given your German or French language skills and not knowing how No Go Zones reveal themselves from afar, you don’t realize, walk out and end up in a No Go Zone. Now you get robbed.

This is not a robbery by poor people who need the money. This is perhaps in Germany, so the guys who attack you, although they do not work, are actually richer and have for example better health insurance than your family in China! This is still Western Europe after all, declining rapidly, but still from far up. They rob you because they hate you, and so you will be likely severely beaten! This is not going to be a “thank you, sorry I have to do this” kind of robbery that you will later laugh about. This is a racist attack full of hate and rage that you will never be able to forget if you survive it!


Now here comes finally the very reason for the name “No Go Zone.” Now you lie there in your blood and think that surely somebody will call the police to help you. But the police are never going to help you, because this is a No Go Zone. The police, if it enters this Zone, is going to be pelted with rocks! It is too dangerous for the police to come and help you.


I know these issues intimately, because 20 years ago, I lived in some of these zones. They were still at times inexpensive areas where wannabe revolutionaries and druggies and suchlike would squat houses and occupy whole areas. I was there in Berlin and London for example enjoying the show right among them – call it field research. They did not like the police at all and started the whole “hey there are cops, get the bricks flying” attitude. That is where the term No Go Zone was already at times applied, long before also these areas were then taken over by immigrants. It is a No Go Zone for the police! But there is a big difference between those days and today.


You may think that the ambulance will still come right? Yes, 20 years ago, an ambulance would have no problem helping you out. But today, there will be no ambulance and there will be no firetruck and there will not even be a taxi that dares picking you up, because this is a No Go Zone! Even ambulances are seen as representing the despised authority of higher civilization, and they are so often attacked in these zones, they soon refuse to go there. An ambulance entirely staffed with middle easterners is attacked just the same, and they can be treated even worse, because they may be called traitors who collaborate with the hated Western Civilization.


So now you lie there and nobody helps you. Passersby may spit and laugh at you, and you try to remember when and where it was that you saw the last White person. Now you know what a No Go Zone is. If you make it out alive, you may like to call somebody up, somebody responsible. They will assure you that there is no such thing as a No Go Zone anywhere in the whole country.


So now you know what a No Go Zone is. For tourists: Western Europe!



*Remark: Do not think that the low education population does not know, for example, that East Asians have high IQ, and what I write about East Asians being targeted cannot be true therefore. Ethnocentric behavior naturally evolved and similar can be seen in animals. For example, neoteny (e.g. that East Asians look even more like babies than German White Caucasians such as me) and low sexual dimorphism (e.g. that especially East Asian men and women look alike) are naturally correlated with K-strategy reproduction and high IQ. Members of other races literally see (and likely even smell) what they are naturally evolved to regard as competitors. Modern civilization helps us to be more than mere automatons ruled by such, but the populations in the No Go Zones are not able to sustain highly civilized culture and are openly opposed to it. You may have never even noticed racist urges in yourself, but many of them do, and they increasingly even proudly embrace such as their nature and culture.

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