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“Inevitable ‘Society of Walls’ versus the True Legacy of Donald Trump: Dear Donald, please reform Academia!

Confusion and misinformation are so intense in our time that even my readers, though at the right end of the IQ Bell curve, ask: How could deeply and widely knowledgeable scientists support Donald Trump in spite of his mentioning autism when criticizing vaccination procedures and doubting the “global warming consensus”?

Many scientists usually do not vote. They see no use in voting, because the choice is usually between deceiving anti-science religious nuts who favor small business and small government on one hand versus deceiving anti-science ideologues for big business and big government on the other. There is nothing else worth mentioning, because the US is effectively a two-party-only system. In the Trump election however, many scientists, especially mathematicians and physicists, voted for the first time, because they, being mostly rational White males, understand that supporting Trump supports something that is very dear and crucial to proper science and in turn therefore for the future of mankind: Being able to have rational discourse about the most relevant scientific truths.

Donald Trump is a very intelligent, rational, knowledgeable man with much experience. He understands that also science is done by people, and he understands people – this is what makes great leaders, namely, in Xi’s words, for example understanding the “fickle nature of their relations”. If you know a little about any field of science, you likely know that the scientific community, for example its peer review system, is in a deep crisis, and therefore, science is in crisis.

Donald Trump is not a scientist, therefore, given what he actually said, not what the usual deceivers claim he has supposedly said, and given the circumstances in which he said it, objective scientists understand his comments. Indeed, many wonder why a huge number of vaccines is given in a very few closely timed shots instead of letting the immune system deal with a few vaccines at a time. That one researcher’s particular claims of autism-vaccine connections have been discredited by the mechanisms of today’s scientific community proves nothing about whether or what problems are triggered by today’s vaccination protocols.

So, Donald Trump, no surprise, understands science better than the average American, who thinks that she is scientific if she up-votes imgur memes ridiculing religion or glorifying self-interested sell-outs such as Tyson and Nye, who, in order to keep the support of the media, deny that humans have bio-diversity just as other species have. Also Donald Trump is human, and sure, he at times said conflicting things, but I have yet to hear anything as bad as these science blogger types, who all smug and slimy pretend that their knowledge of Darwinian evolution makes them immune to religion (which is philosophically unenlightened anyway) but on the other hand effectively claim that humans are not biologically evolved, that, for example, the difference between Ashkenazim Jewish average IQ and sub-Saharan Black average IQ cannot be several standard deviations, that there are no genetically inherited differences in sexual aggressiveness, empathy, and so on, that, by the way, can model the crime statistics of populations extremely well.

The population is deeply divided into two camps. There are those who have been successfully duped into thinking that the established social structures behind what is officially accepted as truth, such as the scientific community, were only problematic in the past, when the established merely claimed that all is good but everything was like really really bad like, like they always do, except for today, because today, for some reason, well today all is supposedly so much better that all is good, as they claim, and they must know, because Tyson said so.

The other side is growing strongly as I have predicted and warned about for many years: If science communicators and academics keep deceiving the public, feeding them hype upon hype and nonsense and pseudo-science that supports their political agendas, most people are stupid enough to be duped short term, but long term, ever more will no longer trust science generally, and such also further destroys science internally of course. Today, even some peer reviewed publications admit that around half of all scientific articles, estimates go from 40% to “most published research”, cannot be trusted. I support such evaluations on grounds of my long experience in multiple fields of theoretical as well as experimental sciences.

I know the infrared absorption characteristics of CO2. I know basically everything to do with climate science, including non-trivial statistics, and yet, although I personally think that there is global warming, I cannot point you to any *trustworthy* established science about it, because you simply cannot trust the way they bias the whole field and suppress any and all criticism. But does such excuse Donald Trump’s comments?

Donald Trump understands science well enough to have his priorities straight. Human bio-diversity is far more important than global warming. If human bio-diversity is not addressed soon, human future civilization, whatever may be left of it, will not be able to stop the climate runaway effects that already today have gone too far to be reversed by simply turning all energy production solar and nuclear, even if we did it immediately. If you are one of those many who think they are all sciencey and on the correct side because they think that everything will be just fine if we all just keep agreeing on climate deals and some carbon capturing without addressing the issue of human populations, you are a brain-washed little ape who understands nothing about the truly dire state of this planet, and the only hope then is that AI takes over against the humans' irrationality, and the robots may well like to get rid of us warmongering, animal torturing apes altogether.

There are two kinds of hockey stick graphs. One kind shows temperatures, CO2, and suchlike. The other kind shows the explosion of non-White, low-IQ populations and related issues such as deadly primitive religions, not only globally but in the hearts of higher civilizations, destroying them, as we now witness with Western Europe and the US. They are rapidly decaying; the average IQ is in free-fall. Russia is not much better with its average IQ, and much of East Asia is still busily copying the deadly Western diversity ideologies. I see this happening here in China all the time despite their loud claims to the very opposite. Japan's closed borders are based on conservative culture rather than scientific understanding of dysgenics. (The Chinese for example stopped especially city dwellers from having more than one child, while low IQ populations such as poor rural farmers and certain minorities were relatively free to reproduce; that the Chinese average IQ is still increasing is the temporary Flynn effect due to better nutrition.)

It is quite simple: If you want humans to survive the climate crisis, support that empathetic, high IQ humans retain their civilizations so that they and their technology and science can have a chance of abating the truly scary developments in this planet’s biosphere. Intelligent Whites need to finally pull their heads out of their Judeo-Christian “oh I am so guilty” behinds in order to start looking at reality, and, if not starting something actually positive, at least stop destroying their own civilizations. White ideology has brought so much suffering to the world - indeed! Look at the suffering of Blacks alone, the sheer number of them now in desperation, hungry, raping each other, killing each other all over the world, trapped in religious craziness that was never that bad before in Africa, all because Whites simply fed them and gave them medicine without ever thinking about that such destroys the evolved balance. Now we have them suffering ten times as much as they did before, and all over the world, and still, we simply keep exploiting them for short term gains, such as our virtue signaling with utterly idiotic things such as ‘affirmative action’, making their situation ever worse.

I endorsed Donald Trump in 2016, because he had already on his campaign trail done more for the world than any other politician (Brexit would not have happened without Trump). Sure, I will be disappointed about something at some point in 2017. However, Donald Trump has done already better than any other president also in the transition phase, for instance making sure that many of the ambassadors that have been installed to undermine other countries’ progress are removed immediately. Trump has surrounded himself with some very bright, upstanding people, some of them even knowing the science behind human bio-diversity quite well.

Trump is super-busy, and there is so much to do. The wall must be build – indeed, the future is a society of walls throughout, TSA and cyber control everywhere like in China. There is no other option after we have let our civilizations resemble Brazil. With such mixed populations, there is ever more terror and riots and assassinations of good people, so a security state, a society of walls, is inevitable.

Dear Donald, I know you have so much to do. Health care needs to be reformed properly. Not only that Obama-care was a cheat sold as socialized health care, which it is not. Moreover: socialized healthcare works only with high IQ populations. Socialized medicine does not work and is not fair if large parts of the population are too silly for a proper diet, are overweight and refuse all health education with “don’t you body-image shame” or “this is racist”.

So, yes, there is so much to do, also in order to stop the other cucked Western nations that only much more slowly wake up from starting a war with Russia in order to distract their populations from the truth. Nevertheless, I will go ahead and demand even more from you, dear Donald.

Dear Donald Trump, your legacy will not be the wall. The future society of walls is, like impressive walls usually, once again China’s legacy. You know it as well as we do; your legacy is free rational discourse, that scientists for example have hope again that they can contribute to the most important issues, about that proper science can actually influence political decisions. And therefore, I say this, in spite of all the many tasks that you have taken on:

The main task for you to take on is the sorry state of science and the scientific community, as the decay of rational discourse has not only destroyed much of our society, but especially science and the scientific community. As you now, “social science” is nowadays straight anti-science without almost any proper empirical scientific method employed. Japan has therefore already considered to entirely de-fund “social science”. As you know, and I as an established scientist with a background in several fields can advise you on the details of this, the exact sciences are not much better off and in a deep publish-or-perish, systemically corrupt crisis that fully deserves the public’s distrust that establishment science is getting from the red-pilled part of society today. Therefore, though you are very busy, do not wait too long with addressing this issue.

Donald Trump – you are here to safe *free rational discourse, that the truth can be spoken,* this is your higher purpose that you have embarked on already and that you know is crucial for civilized humankind’s future. You know that this is already your legacy. You also know that “free rational discourse, that the truth can be spoken” is the foundation of science, and that science, therefore, is crucial to the future of humanity. It is your higher calling, and nobody is better prepared than you, to turn toward the reform of academia and the scientific community. You know how to surround yourself with the right people to advise you on this; you can do it! And once again I end with

Let The Donald Trump!