Ah the beauty, from victory to victory for over a year now – is it not wonderful to be alive today? For those few of us who have for years predicted the current affairs, 2016 was so refreshing also because it ensured that 2017 goes on giving. The Donald pulled all the ‘right’ moves to win against the lefties, who still do not understand a thing, but more important, he pulled equally ‘right’ moves against the cucked right, and against the this-is-my-career-niche right, which made it clear to some for four months in advance that Trump would win. I judged so the moment the only other White male non-establishment contender, the last chance for the left against Dear Leader, Glorious Leader of the People, as he is called by some of those who predicted The Donald’s rise, Bern the Jew, was “jewed” by the left in their misunderstanding of that which seems to me to be reality, which changed in a profound way in 2016 throughout the Westernized world, in year zero of the age of the frog - now witness year one of hopefully a thousand, this time for real, or something like this.


Now if I say I predicted, in this particular case, I might be lying to myself, as I also wished and thus took on the belief and youthful energy of others who perhaps just strategically predicted Trump to win in order to encourage and attract people, with optimism. And of course, there is pride and thus my memory about it, while we are less likely to talk about or even remember predictions that turned out false. And perhaps it is in other ways also doubtful that I really predicted whenever I claim so in the following, as I have often no formal theory here and perhaps I merely interpret my past rhetoric as successful predictions, which can be nourished by pride. Nevertheless, I can also write that my successful prediction is mainly pointed out in order to indicate that my assessment of reality is generally “true” in certain ways, although I do not know whether I am trapped in a virtual reality, and in several particular ways we are anyway in “virtual realities”, even “in reality”; this I have said before with my physicist’s hat on, and as a sociologist, or attaching the label “philosopher of language” to myself.


2017 delivers beyond expectations. Trump put anti-vaccine and anti-climate-consensus heads and bible thumbing home-schoolers into the EPA and in charge of science and education. The established media tell us, and I believe that they and many others do believe it, that The Donald is a moron who does not know what he is doing, rather than having superior strategy. The other popularity gaining perspective is that ‘Glorious Leader’ pulls amazing moves, several steps ahead of the enemies again and again; the Trump train has no brakes! I am reminded of Hitler as he put men in charge, letting their responsibilities slightly overlap so that they would have to struggle with each other, so I was taught in high-school, and it and the given reason being true or not, it stuck in mind as something proving that the guy was smart.


But most people still don’t understand a darn thing, especially not the so called “progressives” and “intellectuals”, proving that their supposedly self-critical positions, something that attracted me to them as a child, is merely the usual immunizing of evil through pretending it is the opposite, labeling homogenization of thought “diversification” and suchlike. What happens now confirms that “progressives” are unable to assess self-critically. What amazes me is that not even any of the oh-so-sciencey folks, brainwashed but still after all into science, which is not only still advertised as the ultimate critical thinking but still involves sizable remnants of rationality, they are also too damn proud and brainwashed to understand what is going on (and honestly, while much of me still thinks that this is an unacceptable failure, there is a growing part, expanding with every victory, thinking that maybe it is great just like this, that it has to be like this).


For many of you, the new reality is impenetrable. Let me try explaining alpha meme style on the next level. If we say that Trump is necessary, for example for science, we do not mean that he or most of the people around him own the truth or know much better about science. The question is no longer whether this or that party has a higher fraction of true statements or suchlike. Instead, there are certain truths that have been denied for too long. These, and more generally the whole inflation of nonsense abound to protect the related deceptions, have become so pressing and literally deadly that details of any other particular issues are now irrelevant. Global warming: We don’t care! Why care about whether this planet gets too hot for humans if you destroyed civilization before that already anyway?


What matters today is that we can talk at all, about what matters, and where it matters!


If we cannot talk about what matters most right here today, it does not matter whether all the rest you have is so very much truer. What matters now is only that we have people in power that dare to talk differently at all, about issues that matter, even if they are often wrong. They can talk a lot of f’n bullshit if only this will allow us to talk rationally about what matters most right now, about certain religions, about human races, about the lying media, about denial and deception throughout of academia and the scientific community - and yes also you, the mathematician, say, who may feel innocent, you have conspired with your silence while knowing all along that ever more of academia and science, certainly “social science” is already, but also much of the rest is turning into a growing monster of utter anti-scientific nonsense! And if you really did not notice, you have been grossly negligent and failed your responsibilities as an intellectual.


The age of Trumps and Dutertes and Farages, the age of Pepe, of Kekism, came because you cannot just have a few complete lies and hope that it does not matter. Reality is a Darwinian market place where lies provide niches for growth, where lies grow, also in your own mind, and outside, in order to be protected, and then into existential problems for some, then for ever more, and then they are crucial and vital for the whole. You may still believe to have or even objectively have basically the whole truth with you except for the few lies that you think everybody in their right mind agrees should just be left lies for now and should not be touched, at least not yet anyway, perhaps later when progress has made everything better and the lies will no longer need to be lies and we can all just forget about the past.


But nothing gets better like this, and the point where not the lies but instead the truth, and truth quite generally, does no longer matter is reached far, far earlier than you think. As you are still confused because it seems as if nothing much changed and all could be as it was just a few years back, it already does no longer matter whether you have the whole damn rest of the truth on your side or not, be it all of what you hold to be important. Stuffed with hype wrapped around bullshit presented to them by the establishment, trust has been slowly replaced by disgust.


I told you again and again in the context of many different issues, and I will say it once again: Without trust, the truth simply does no longer matter, regardless you have it or not! So you think you are correct. Let’s assume you are, that you indeed happen to be all correct about so many details right now, vaccines and climate and all of it, and you have a PhD and an IQ of six million. Fine! So what, as your lies and hype destroyed the public’s trust?


Something to behold for its postmodern enlightened, dark beauty has arisen. In one short generation, “truth” has become something else entirely. Everybody now happily picks their own bundle of made up nonsense, enjoying defending it, today this, and tomorrow I am a gender fluid furry helicopter demanding to shit gluten free in the girls’ restroom. The irony is that precisely those who defend the right to such nonsense are now so very surprised about that the shit-lords have taken center stage. You see, The Truth writ large is only one, but nonsense is in infinite supply. You should have though about that before conveniently going along with applauding the emperor’s new clothes.


And you still react with the stupidity of pride and think that mocking will help, laughing and pointing fingers at Nazis and tinfoil hats blaming illuminati, lizard people and Jews. But all we see by now is that those people are upstanding against your suppression while you are still a piece of chicken shit who does not dare to mention anything that could harm your sorry-ass boot-licking career. And so they grow, as I told you, thank you very much.


And instead of the slightest bit of "hey, wait, am I doing something seriously wrong here", you go on and intensify PC culture and prosecution of speech to the point where people think “Hey, if I will lose everything for the slightest misstep, why even try”. And now, instead of having a rational discourse about the number of Jews influencing the media for example, we have a huge wave of young people all over the world cajoling “gas the kikes”. And the usual idiots add the stupidity of blaming a few Nazis for that instead of looking into the mirror. Really? Those few anti-Semites succeed against all of you super smart people and science? Great! How much more advertising do you want to give them? And so they grow; as I told you, thank you very much. And is my "thank you very much" even still sarcastic or did your behavior not do something also to me? Are those of some intellectual capability, those truly self-critical, not excused for starting to think that maybe the other side is not so idiotic after all in comparison?


Ain’t matter you have all the rest of truth behind you; the one single lie with which somebody is shafted up the behind is sufficient justification for whatever, including denying the whole truth if the fight demands it. On one hand, this is today the realization of the postmodern, and it comes along as we enter virtual reality and do so eagerly in the knowledge that everything is anyway "illusion" in some sense. If you still believe in The Truth writ large, let me once more tell you the same as I do every time in one way or another: If you want that truth back on your side, you need to have a deep look into the mirror. But that is what you dread. And therefore it had to be:


Let The Donald Trump!


Yes Let The Donald Trump!

Grab Pussy Camel-Toe Hump

Force her to build the Wall

Six Million Tacos tall

They will be paying it all!


My Rap is always White

Donk donk

So it has every Hue

Donk donk

My Rap is often Black

Donk donk

My Rap is often Blue

Donk donk

And sometimes it is Yellow

Donk donk

And sometimes it is Green

Donk donk

But when the Shit goes Down

Donk donk

Then it is usually Brown.


So let Master Feng the Funk Master funk

And Let The Donald Trump!

Let the Donald Trump!

Let The Donald Trump!