Yes of course it is damn scary when once again, at a time as supposedly new Hitlers are arising, it is the media again who come into focus as a social problem. Or is it that the Hitlers arise as a necessary countermeasure when the media have jumped the shark and trust is gone? They claim we should not forget history, yet history also tells us that Hitler’s moves where largely forced. What we witness now, even including the role of Jewish elites, is so similar, one may be forgiven for thinking that the most intelligent White Jews conspire to have yet another purge for further Darwinian selection, another round in a long series of decimations that evolved the Jews into the high verbal-IQ race that they are today. It is only good that Trump is in one aspect not Hitler; Trump is more Jew-wise than Hitler - those Jews now up in arms had better supporting The Donald if they thought more clearly.


If the message is corrupted, if the messenger, the medium is, the empirical records, the data, then adherence to empirical scientific method stands for nothing. With trust eroded, the awareness of that the truth did already not matter anyway sets in. I start understanding why many revolutions have gone through a phase of culling intellectuals, such as lining up teachers in Cambodia. Would public high school education in the US today not be improved if we replaced most teachers, a bunch of brainwashed semi-intellectuals thinking nonsense can make the world better, with soldiers merely keeping an eye on that the kids keep their noses in the books, on mathematics and sciences such as the evolutionary biology of the human mind? Is it not precisely the intellectuals that fail us, the journalists, the complacent scientists.


As a scientist, I am happy if pseudoscience and hype and deception are no longer funded. No more “National Endowment for the Arts” and “National Endowment for the Humanities” is what I have basically suggested – Donald, do you read my articles? No, they say that The Donald is doing everything he promised; how un-presidential.


Independent arts may now experience a revival as some of the negative influence of funding anti-scientific propaganda as “arts” is removed. Much more must be done in order to revive the humanities. When it comes to science however, it is far more difficult still, but there is now real hope. Because of that hope, those “scientists” who have for many years suppressed important science and critical scientists, and distracted the public with hype in exchange for grants, corrupting the scientific method, they are in panic now and want to also demonstrate in the hope that the democratic power transition, the “Machtuebernahme”, will somehow be reversed.


Advised by Steven Bannon perhaps, The Donald will simply ask again “Wasn’t there just an election (and with many illegals stealing the popular vote to boot)?” And then, The Donald will go on working for all people and the scientists who voted for him, who are too busy to attend useless demonstrations. They may watch the inauguration online, helping to make The Donald’s inauguration the most attended, as The Donald has deserved for having become the greatest US president in history already on the campaign trail, given his international accomplishments such as helping Brexit. Alternative facts. You have your facts, we have more relevant facts - yes, that is science.

I below present a short overview over all the “Scientists for Trump” posts, just so that it is clear that scientists support Donald Trump. So if there should be any question about this in your minds in the next few months as the lying media will hype faces supposedly speaking for good science hyperventilating against the highest IQ cabinet in recent US history, you now have one more place to refer to in order to back you up: “Scientists something Trump” is a thing since before the election, and the “something” is “For”, as in


Scientists For Trump!


“Scientists against Trump” is about brainwashed careerists who need to be removed from the scientific community in order to get science back on track to help people, to help society with its most pressing problems, such as global crises, such as the global IQ decrease and the problems in the international scientific community that corrupt science in too many ways, about which I have written often.


The deception by powerful media is the problem once again (here a slightly different view worth a look), and this includes the media about science and the science media, which are as dumbfounded about the current situation. I wrote “Here is something almost none of you – NONE I say! – properly understand …”; “…But most people still don’t understand a darn thing, especially not the so called“progressives” and “intellectuals”, …” Steve Bannon, praising Sean Spicer on 25th January 2017, backs me up beautifully:


“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while, […] I want you to quote this, the media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.” “The elite media got it dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong, […] mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign, […] The media has zero integrity, … ”


This is all you need to know when the media and pop-science shills tell you that scientists are supposedly against The Donald. As I argued before, many scientists and philosophers and intellectuals support Donald Trump - of course they do!


With the establishment media having become the enemy of the people, the choice of Bannon into the security counsel is logical. Trump hanging a portrait of Andrew Jackson into the oval and sticking to his red-pilled chief strategist are all good developments.


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