Okay, today's the big day I dive into the world of blogging alongside a bunch of other science type bloggers, most of whom I would probably nod at blankly if we were involved in a deep conversation at a cocktail party. Perhaps it's a function of psychology. No matter how smart I am, I always feel dumb around people who like using big words that end with "ogy" and start with a group of letters that are nearly unpronounceable when put in that particular order.

Since the entirety of my psychology training consisted of analyzing the motivating thought processes of attractive young women after they had consumed 18 fuzzy navels on a Saturday night, and ended when I met my current wife 13 years ago, I shall refrain from delving into psychology. Instead, I'll stick with what I do know.

What on earth is Agronomy? That's the first question I usually get, so I describe my degree as "Turfgrass Science." Agronomy actually encompasses the sciences of Agriculture that are focused on growing plants. You can study agronomy, but focus your energies on crops, soils, or turfgrass. 

My mission is to provide practical knowledge to folks who are trying to grow grass on their own, but are confused by the sheer volume of ridiculously bad information and useless products. Some products are good, but the results are hard to spot. Some are pure snake oil. Some appear to have great effects, but are causing many more problems in the long run. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you what's what.

While I shall valiantly forge ahead whether I hear from you or not, I do crave feedback in a needy, semi-pathetic sort of way. Let me know what you're thinking, and what you want to know!

Thanks for the time. Enjoy!

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