Tonight there will be a total lunar eclipse. The partial eclipse will begin at 21:30:04 UT and end  3½ hours later at 01:11:46 UT. The total eclipse lasts for about one hour; it begins at 22:43:49 UT and ends at 23:58:01 UT. The moment of greatest eclipse is at 23:20:56 UT on March 3. The eclipse will be visible over Europe, Africa, and the western part of Asia. Unfortunately, we over here in America will see only a part of it and only on the East coast.  For a more detailed schedule, click here.

My friends in Germany are in a slightly better position. I say slightly because, well, you never know what the weather is going to be. But in case they are lucky, we can share their luck: the Vereinigung der Sternfreunde ('Association of Starfriends', no really, that's the translation :-) ) will try a live report with photos, starting at 9pm MEZ. It should be understandable even if you don't speak German. You can find it on their website