There a lot of rules governing how you name new species. But that doesn't mean that fun things can't still get through.
This is Kootenichela deppi, a new 540 million year old arthropod from a deposit related to the Burgess Shale in British columbia, Canada.

Dave told me he was going to call it this a while back. I didn't believe him. Lucky I didn't make a bet.

Why is it named after Johnny Depp? Well, these are its claws,

and here's it's reconstruction,

Got it yet? Well, here, Dave explains, in his own words,


Legg, David. “Multi-Segmented Arthropods from the Middle Cambrian of British Columbia (Canada).” Journal of Paleontology 87, no. 3 (May 1, 2013): 493–501. doi:10.1666/12-112.1.

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