This will be all greek to everyone.

From Rich Shull Once hailed as the next Temple Grandin.

As we finally connected life from our mr/dd roots to what ever we do now as old high functioning autisitcs, We discoved our OPTIC Nerve or optic and brain generated vision  is interchanged all the time. If this Autism expereince is right, this also is a version of  your normal thoughts.  Autism has a term called lack of eye contact where autisitc people don't keep eye contat while they are thinking or talking with you. What is really happeining is Our EYEs ARE OFF yes, off and we are looking at brain generated image we are supposed to think with. These images often mimic normal vision so close we DON"T know our brain just pulled the wool over our eyes.

Eventually we discovered our brain images (like you dreams) are different and indeed the visual picture thoughts we need to do before life flows. Once we learn how to think in pictures, your normal thought shortcut thoughts are the result. In other words we just learned the long hand version of your thoughts.

Who ever dreamed man's thoughts are picture based? who ever dreamed our optic nerve does this switching between optic and normal vison?  Once it is all out in the wash Man will be very humbled and yes dissapointed in his mind and it not be the marvel he hoped for. 

Everything from eyewitness accounts to not listening and personality disorders  to everything else psychology will sunddenly have a flowing  inter related connected explanation. It will Stunn psychology and psychologists for sure to discover our human mind is one big talking photo album. 

Rich Shull