The Buzzword Blog #5 : Subversion


The word 'subverted' has itself been subverted by agendists and has become just another buzzword.

It now tends to mean:
1 -  'them' telling people things that 'we' don't want them to know.
2 - 'them' using technology in a way that 'we' don't want them to.

Some examples:
When you try to go against someone who was elected democratically with false accusations, this is a subversive act.
This wonderfully ambiguous wording was reported to have been spoke by Silvio Berlusconi.

A very insightful article on subversion of the people's rights by politicians who:
are vulnerable to confusing the recognition of the rights that they have been charged to defend with the recognition of themselves as leaders ...

Extract from:
The subversion of liberation

When leaders in struggle confuse themselves with recognition of the rights of the people they claim to defend, everyone suffers, including the national cause
Azmi Bishara, Al-Ahram, Cairo.  a  recommended read!

China and the internet.

The Chinese government wants to ensure "web safety" by blocking access to some sites whilst logging citizen's access to sites that they haven't yet got around to blocking.
"This is very good news for users, so they should not uninstall it. It will automatically filter pornographic images and antirevolutionary content. It will not take up much space on the hard drive. It is very stable and we have conducted many tests already,"
"Miss Zhou"
"Miss Zhou" - apparently a Modern Chinese translation of  "I'm not giving you my real name, so there!"

In modern China it seems that the internet cafe has been subverted into a place where one goes to have one's photo and fingerprints taken in exchange for the use of a government propaganda outlet.

Telephone menu subverted.

The telephone menu system was invented as a time saver.  People could more rapidly be put through to a relevant department by a computer program than by explaining their requirements to a human switchboard operator.

Thank you for calling!
Your call is really important to us.
Did you know ...
( 10 minutes of irrelevant waffle, heavily masked by muzak.  Usually advertisments telling you something you already knew. )
Your call is really important to us.
To be wound up or stressed out, press #1
Your call is really important to us.
To be made really angry, press #2
Your call is really important to us.
To enhance your outrage experience, press #3
Your call is really important to us.
If you feel that tearing all of your hair out would assist, press #5

Your call is really important to us.
For the total package of screaming hab-dabs, head-banging and frothing at the mouth,
press #6 - this call will cost you $5 per second and we will play soothing muzac whilst we keep you waiting for a randomly determined length of time, or until you discover that we have gone home for the night.
Your call is really important to us.
To hear these options again, press
click - whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!