The Linguistics of Computer Science

As somebody with more than a passing knowledge of computer science and linguistics, I thought I would share a few insights into the deeper meanings of some common terms used in computer science.

algorithm - a way of doing something right.

program - a way of doing something nearly right.

- a way of making a snafu look like a design feature.

- I did it my way.

- the stuff we left out.

- the link that was missing between two bugs.

forking - what is always done to global implementation standards.

- elitists look down their noses at it.

markup language - often used by writers of exploit code, q.v.

exploit code - the tax laws.

syntax - see 'exploit code'.

undecidable problem - deciding how many bugs is one too many.

halting problem - something frequently encountered by a workaholic geek.

interrupt - bl**dy pop ups!

comment - anything at all, just as long as it's harder to understand than the code.

high resolution graphics implementation device - a sharp pencil.

A tip of the hat to Patrick Adair for the title and some inspiration.