Programmers may not be the guys with the best sense of humor around, but I found it quite entertaining to read a web page with a collection of source code comments arising a smile.

The one I liked the most is the following - not even a comment, but the way the guy called the object he instantiates:

I am sorry if you do not get it - let me try to explain. A program may "throw an exception" if something goes wrong - say it finds itself in the need of dividing by zero, or taking the square root of a negative number, or accessing a non-existing memory address. The language has a command that "throws" the exception, and the exception may have a text attached or other characteristics, which are specified by its constructor command. The code above "throws" the exception called "up", so the code does contain the command "throw up"....

Others might like more the other code segments in the page linked - worth a visit.