How bad science can make you feel really good.

There is some really wonderful bad science to be found out there in the wierd world web.  More wonderful than the bad site is the good site that gives insight, laced with humour, into the wierdness of the bad sites.

Phil Plait, the creator of Bad Astronomy, is an astronomer, lecturer, and author.  He is also a very astute observer of human nature and is one very witty dude.  For some moments of absolute hilarity I strongly recommend his blog Bad Astronomy and especially crankocentrism.

Bad Mad and Just Plain Doolally

From bad science to mad science is but a small step.  If your thing is to dominate other members of your species, then there are some good guides available to world domination.  Of course, if you are really insane then you won't stop there.  You'll want to engage in genocide on a global scale.  Yet again, why stop there?  If you really are one slice short of the full sandwich, you can engage your skills, wits and scientific knowledge in the geocide challenge.  However -

Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe.

You've seen the action movies where the bad guy threatens to destroy
the Earth. You've heard people on the news claiming that the next
nuclear war or cutting down rainforests or persisting in releasing
hideous quantities of pollution into the atmosphere threatens to end
the world.


From  'How to destroy the Earth' copyright © Sam Hughes.  You can read the whole thing here.