New Antibiotics Aren't A Science Problem, They're A Regulatory One

The world is in a tough spot with antibiotics. Because they came into use in 1928, to the public they seem like they should all be generic and cost a dollar.  Yet due to expensive new regulations passed this century pharmaceutical companies don't have ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Aug 26 2023 - 6:01am

'Scoping' Is Why The IARC Controversy Will Never Go Away- And That French Group Needs Replaced

The International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC) was once so heralded in a field so rigorous and methodologically conservative that epidemiologists were last to accept a hereditary aspect of cancer. That's right, they didn't see enough evide ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Sep 6 2023 - 11:57am

Endocrine Disruption Is Homeopathy For Coastal Elites

Paracelsus famously noted Sola dosis facit venenum- "Only the dose makes the poison." ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Sep 11 2023 - 4:10pm