Halloween is just a few days away so prior to worrying about razor blades in candy or kids getting run down in the streets you may want to think about pumpkins.

They are full of toxic chemicals. Even organic pumpkins.

Andy Brunning, of the Compound Interest site, made this graphic for Chemical  &  Engineering News, but they have nothing to do with this article about the dangers of pumpkin chemicals. Theirs is informational, the snark is all mine.

Credit C&EN 2015-2023.


Greenpeace, the ironically-named Union of Concerned Scientists, and the rest of the $3 billion 'science is evil' industry have determined that beta-carotene is harmful. In food. Where it exists. And helps prevent blindness in millions of kids. This are the same tribe of goofballs who in the past claimed vaccines are the same as cannibalism and medicine is subverting evolution.

If that makes no sense to you, you will never get a job in environmental marketing - but if you do, and you are a man, you will likely be making far more money than the women you are probably supervising. In contrast to fields like engineering, environmentalism is near the bottom of the list when it comes to the gender/wage gap.


2-methylbutanal is a reagent that has been evaluated due to concerns about genotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, and environmental safety - and it's in pumpkins!

If you're in science, a chemical being 'evaluated' is meaningless, everything is evaluated, but if you are an organic industry shopper, anything written about chemicals being studied means they cause cancer - in the kind of 'if you go on trial, you are guilty, because putting the innocent on trial would be wrong' logical twerking that anti-science activists engage in.


It also kills fish in a way that herbicides like atrazine never could but it can be used in organic lipstick, skin lotion, and tampons. I demand the Biden EPA find an epidemiology claim and ignore all real-world data and ban it. Or at least go to court and sue themselves so they can claim they were forced by a judge to make exposure levels so low any product containing it can't be used, thus an effective ban. It's for the children!

Diacetyl - They should call it Pumpkin Lung, because epidemiologists have linked it to severe respiratory impairment and obliterative bronchiolitis, which has no cure. 

Why haven't food safety groups called for bans? Has Big Pumpkin bought them off? Who knows how many lives could be saved if at least California put a warning label on them.


This is an added flavor and insecticide, it shouldn't be in organic pumpkins, or even inorganic pumpkins if science invents those.

If it's so dangerous you have to pay adults to use it, and they won't touch it without haz-mat suiits on, should kids be touching organic pumpkins? 


I could go on and on but you get my point; the biggest risk your children face this Halloween isn't sugar, cars, or being kidnapped, it's chemicals that the lobbyists who control the National Organic Standards Board inside government refuse to remove from products that parents think should be safe.