The trial lawyers going after Monsanto are cheering that a jury 'awarded' them $175 million - but they will never see most of it.

Convincing a jury of something is easy, especially if it is an anti-science pro-corporate-conspiracy city like San Francisco, or Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is stuck with a Senator who wears hoodies to Congress, only because Democrats in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh dominate the state. That makes Philadelphia the perfect place for a jury trial about agriculture.

There was no one with any agriculture experience on the jury. No one with a biology, chemistry, or toxicology background. Imagine if a black man was on trial and everyone in the courtroom was white, including the jury.

The good news for Bayer is that this will get tossed on appeal. An Appeals Court uses science to determine the validity of a judgment while a jury is simply swayed by emotion. And Philadelphia has a lot more organic food shoppers who think their pesticides are safer because they are old than it has scientists.

If this isn't thrown out completely, glyphosate can't cause human cancer and no evidence shows it ever has, it will get knocked down to $25 million. And by the time fees are taken out, the plaintiff will get peanuts, the same way the attorneys in the Erin Brockovich case made sure the non-victims got non-paid.