Going into his final year in politics, California Governor Gavin Newsom is banning everything he can to create a legacy among anti-science progressives. He recently created a black market for Skittles by banning brominated vegetable oil, potassium bromate, propylparaben, and red dye 3 because, wait for it, Europeans progressives did.

Given that the coast of California hates science, they hated vaccines so much that the rest of the state forced through a law banning arbitrary exemptions by San Francisco Karens after Whooping Cough spread inland to more normal families, you'd think that a new beer which doesn't use artificial flavor but also doesn't require fruits shipped on emissions-belching ships would be welcome.

It won't be, because they tweak the yeast using science. Yeast is essential to beer, it turns sugar in grains to alcohol, but it can also add its own flavor. That is where Berkeley Yeast is doing something great to remove artificial flavors, while running up against $3 billion in environmental groups and $125 billion in organic food buyers who think genetic engineering stopped with the Mutagenesis companies like BASF who just happen to fund the trade groups that rail against modern modern science like GMOs.

Berkeley Yeast has created a Tropics yeast, which naturally provides the flavors of passion fruit and guava. Except it is only natural to activists if cosmic rays break DNA by accident or chemists bathe products in chemicals and then blast them with radiation, like organic-certified Mutagenesis does.

Even though Berkelely is in the San Francisco Bay area, a supernatural nexus of woo that opposes science when it can, they have gotten three local brewers to use their product. Good luck getting it overseas, though. All of Europe is like California when it comes to science, which is what Governor Newsom hopes is how he'll be remembered.