California has spent decades using taxpayer money to evangelize their beliefs in solar and wind power but this summer those quasi-religious beliefs could wither before scientific and technological reality.

Just a few months ago, as Democrats in California were asking for exemption from all EPA rules on emissions, no limits on output for energy production using natural gas, Democrats were telling oil companies they should be ashamed of themselves for not cutting output. Then when Russia invaded Ukraine, the Biden administration tried to blame both Trump and Russia for the high costs he had ordered and claimed the same companies he had told to cut production were keeping production low to increase profits.

To most people, that is maddening. Really, it is politics as usual.

Politics is even more of a fair-weather friend than France and the previous objections to conventional energy will be ignored because the state is stuck losing money on alternatives while over-regulated energy companies are unable to compete on the spot market to fill the gaps. Companies in states without centralized authority over everything can pay whatever needs to be paid.

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Meanwhile, environmentalists continue their war on clean energy like hydroelectric and nuclear. Nuclear is dead, especially now that so many have gotten fed up and left the state that it lost a congressional seat.  Environmental trial lawyers tie up dam maintenance and repairs in court and have made it clear they are going to block the new water storage that California voters have repeatedly mandated using referendums. It is colloquially said that 'Nero fiddled while Rome burned' but in this case Governor Newsom wines and dines at the French Laundry while all of our water gets dumped into the Pacific Ocean due to 'the law' he ignores when it comes to storing more of it for drought periods.

Lake Mead is at a record low and Lake Oroville will likely be turned off again, meaning even less electricity from those and more reliance on the solar and wind we know is not ready to fill the gap. That means more burning of natural gas. 

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Now, natural gas is clean, fracturing shale to make it affordable and replace coal is the reason why we were able to turn around the 1990s escalation in emissions due to coal that America created when President Clinton and his party drove nuclear out of the country and be leaders in lowering emissions per capita. But it is not cleaner than hydroelectric or nuclear. Most states have been retiring coal plants because they were told they must. With a drought, that becomes a massive problem.

“We never thought it would be realized in our lifetime,” Governor Newsom said, which caused every energy expert in the state who is not in his political party to rub their eyes in disbelief. Literally everyone said this was a looming problem, which is why voters repeatedly said the state needed more water infrastructure. Water storage can generate clean energy. And he has refused to obey the wishes of voters, only one reason why he had to endure a recall election.