Germany is now paralyzed when it comes to dealing with a belligerent Russia. They are reliant on the former Soviet Union country for both food and energy and can't really protest if Russia invades Ukraine again. They even asked for a new pipeline to bypass Ukraine after the last invasion so they could ignore the problem NATO would want to address.

China has become increasingly aware that food security is important. Like energy, it is not just a basic need, but a strategic one. To feed over a billion people, they are embracing science internally while exporting all of the "organic" food that they can throw stickers on.

China currently has biofortified lettuce seeds and herbicide-resistant rice and new guidelines will allow genetically engineered foods to do a pilot trial and then apply for approval to go into production. No 18-year baffled approval cycle, like the US has, or perpetual 'needs more study' like Europe uses to block progress.

Food is a strategic resource and China imports most of its seeds from countries like the US, when they want to be more like Russia and extend their sphere of influence without risk. The way to do that is to avoid being like Germany and embrace science inside their own borders.