Erika Girardi, a "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, has been sued in a new $2.1 million complaint claiming she "aided and abetted" Tom in his law firm Girardi&Keese's alleged financial wrongdoings. They are being sued by the people who represented because he would get settlements and he kept the money, it is claimed.

Girardi is famous in science and tort circles for his 1990s shakedown of Pacific Gas  &  Electric, claiming that levels of hexavalent chromium in Hinkley, California town's water were causing cancer. It was turned into the "Erin Brockovich" film in which the lawyers were the good guys and scientists were lying. Though Hinkley residents don't have higher levels of cancer and never did, the company settled for the same reason most do - California hates science, many in the population do think scientists are greedy tinkerers or unethical automatons ruining the planet for a paycheck. The reason so many lawyers file lawsuits in California is to get a California jury to believe something supernatural, like that people are plants so a weedkiller can cause cancer, and award a big settlement. Then the appeal will go to the 9th, which is the most overturned at the Supreme Court because they are much the same. 

Lawyers still use the Girardi playbook today. A group even tried to claim there is a "cancer alley" in Louisiana, by noting cancer instances in the whole state were 'higher than average' and hoping a jury won't know what the word "average" means. 

Girardi didn't just use shady tactics against PG&E, he went after lots of companies. The problem seems to be that he never actually paid the consumers he was representing. He kept the money, they say.

Her lawyer says she had nothing to do with his business dealings while defrauded clients say the divorce was a sham to protect his assets from being seized.