The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Human Foods Program is a welcome switch from the old morass of government agencies covering food safety, chemical safety and technology, with EPA (which today is in 'everything is linked to cancer' mode), USDA ('as long as it's farmers doing the lying, we don't care what the National Organics Standards Board says about other farmers') and finally FDA, which isn't even allowed to tell rice companies they are not broccoli or a garbage whiskey company that claiming to be non-GMO doesn't make a carcinogen healthier.

In an ideal world, this would all be fixed by a group devoted only to food. Let's see how well that survives the activist onslaught. They have their first Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods, Jim Jones, who was at EPA before they got hijacked by activist epidemiologists who think homeopathic levels of weedkillers are dangerous. Today, companies that make pesticides have to lobby for a Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) - because EPA will overrule its own scientists and declare they are making new regulations based on claims by allied epidemiologists. No science needed, just find a correlation in spreadsheets. The Biden administration has even gone to court to ask to have EPA rulings made by both the Obama and Trump EPAs overturned so they can claim the Endangered Species Act forces them to create new regulations that are 500 percent lower than those recommended by EPA scientists - which are an order of magnitude below No Effect Levels.

An agency under the auspices of FDA, which shouldn't be a greater defender of the American food supply than the US Department of Agriculture or the Federal Trade Commission but certainly is, will hopefully bring sanity back to the process.

We'll have to see. This is still government. If it were only a leaky bucket, we could be content, but in the last few years it's been gaping holes in a bureaucratic water tower and the American public are the ones getting drenched. And it may be that we have just centralized everything in one group so environmental lawyers can collude with politically allied appointees and set off a new wave of pre-arranged sue-and-settle agreements.