If you have been in the pro-science community for even a short while, you know that the anti-agriculture and anti-vaccine and anti-natural gas contingents have tremendous overlap. Take a compass and draw a circle around a Whole Foods and you are going to find a nexus of people believe their Tesla uses electricity, but not fossil fuels, for energy, that organic food and supplements make medicine unnecessary, and that cancer is caused by things like cell phones, formaldehyde, or other supernatural things.

Right there selling products to them are groups like Organic Consumers Association, US Right To Know, and their Grand Poobah, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. COVID-19 has been a real goldmine for them, because it also aligns with their Anti-Corporate agenda. Their customers are dumb enough to believe that Dr. Jonas Salk made polio vaccines in his kitchen, so they can deny that Pfizer actually saved millions of kids.

Yet even with gullible donors like Laura and John Arnold Foundation they have created little progress outside the kooky fringe. Now, even their staunchest allies, in places like the New York University Arthur L. Carter Journalism School, don't want to be aligned with them against COVID-19 vaccines out of fear they will look like the worst thing they can imagine: Republicans. A demographic that was still willing to support organic merchants of doubt when they were colluding with convicted extortionist Tim Litzenburg and perhaps even Russia don't want to do anything to stop the freefall equally batty Republicans are engaging in when it comes to COVID-19. 

Dr. Tony Fauci. who endured being called anti-gay because in the 1980s he said the best way to prevent AIDS was to not have unprotected sex, has been shocked by the behavior of RFK Jr., an avowed Democrat and almost part of the Obama administration cabinet.

“I just think he’s a very disturbed individual,” Fauci said. Welcome to the party, pal.

What will the organic industry farmers and shoppers who support vaccines do now that Kennedy is calling for the demise of Fauci? Denial is a lot more dangerous now than 2020 when it was just wealthy white elites on the west coast claiming vaccines cause autism.