Scotland proudly boasts that their $16 billion food and drink sector doesn't use any GMO crops. They say they are helping to "protect health and the environment" but that is actually an EU claim made by politicians - no science body has found GMOs are worse for health or the environment. Most importantly, they want to be able to sell their food as "organic" and charge a premium.

Like Europe claiming they were switching to solar and wind while secretly relying more heavily on Russian conventional fuel, Scottish shoppers were only willing to be fooled as long as costs stayed normal.

Now staple foods have gone up 65% and consumers are not happy. They are getting a lesson in what happened to the price of food when everyone wants to charge more and produce less. And Scotland has also fooled itself into believing it was self-sustaining. Now they are literally paying the price. They haven't gone full Sri Lanka because unlike Sri Lanka they have England propping them up, but it's a lesson in both science and economics. Food is food, the blessings you want to place on it by some pseudoscientific shaman are pretty useless when they also put the cost out of reach.