In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton did something for his constituents that had a devastating effect on public trust in science - he exempted the supplements market from real FDA oversight, as long as they wrote in small print that their supernatural claims had not been evaluated by FDA and therefore had no scientific backing.(1)

Supplements are not always garbage, if you have a diagnosed vitamin D deficiency those supplements help you, but most of the time when they do something beneficial, it is only because they contain real medicine illegally. And the "endurance" market, natural supplements claiming to reduce erectile dysfunction, are only ever working when they contain real medicine illegally. 

Illegal real medicine and crazy claims about curing cancer are basically the only two instances in which FDA is allowed to protect consumers from $40 billion a year fraud.

That is why Wonder Pill Capsules by Proper Trade/My Stellar Lifestyle are being recalled. Some swear by them, but that is because they actually contain tadalafil, which can be life threatening because phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitors can interact with nitrates in prescription drugs, taken by diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease patients and lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.

That takes Wonder Pill out of the 'anything goes' supplement market and into the unapproved drug market. And FDA can do something.

So if you have this illegal predatory garbage in your house and take medicine with nitrates, through the Wonder Pills out. And never go back.


(1) He also stuck us with the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, he really believed in that junk the way a lot of progressive Baby Boomers do - they don't trust science, but want scientific legitimacy for their alternatives to medicine. They don't trust doctors, but fetishize Mark Hyman because he is an MD but believes in woo. They only stopped trusting Dr. Oz when he came out as a Republican.