The number of people with multiple booster shots versus the original vaccines is marginal - and new survey results may tell us why. I don't recall ever having any issue from a flu vaccine, maybe it is in people's heads, but there are so many stories of increasing side effects with each new COVID-19 booster taken that some are worried that a harmless flu vaccine may get worrisome if taken in conjunction.

I don't know how biologically plausible that is but all bets are off with COVID-19. Prior to 2021, California and other progressive states were way out in front in vaccine denial(1) and that only changed once Republicans didn't want the COVID-19 vaccine.

Obviously it didn't really change. If you didn't trust "Big Pharma" two years ago and were hanging out in places like Whole Foods, known to be infectious disease hotspots, you didn't suddenly become pro-science, you just wanted to dunk on people you hate more than medicine.

Such anti-science nonsense - PFAS in cosmetics will harm you, unless it is natural PFAS, GMOs are evil but mutagenesis is organic certified - and endocrine disruption homeopathic beliefs are why there is distrust of getting the flu vaccine and a COVID-19 shot at the same time. It is 'chemical cocktail' hysteria invented by the same clueless people who banned plastic straws.

The good news is that because masks have also become political virtue signaling, all those people on the coasts who once held measles parties because they didn't trust science will now prevent a lot more infectious disease - by demonstrating using fashion that they are not Republicans. That means more of us in the same middle will be exposed to the viris.

(1) It took 10 years to get the Governor to pass a law eliminating arbitrary exemptions because the coast of California had more unvaccinated kids than the entire rest of the US combined.