Prof. Emlyn Hughes of Columbia University believes that in order to understand quantum mechanics, you have to get rid of everything you know - 'strip to your raw'.  So he did just that, he got naked and against a backdrop of 9/11 and Nazi Holocaust images, he remained in a fetal position as two people dressed as ninjas blindfolded stuffed animals.

Then one of the ninjas impaled one of the stuffed animals.

Students paying $3,840 to take the course were likely thrilled that they had a whole semester of that to look forward to. Let's hope he already has tenure.

Since it's New York City, half them likely thought it was pretty clever. Growing up in a place where crosses dipped in urine is considered art will do that to you.

SEE IT: Columbia professor strips down to underwear in bizarre lesson to help baffled students learn quantum mechanics, Tina Moore, New York Daily News