Dartmoor is a moorland in south Devon, England and human remains and Bronze Age artifacts discovered there have been called "one of the most significant findings of at least the last 100 years" by a team of researchers.

They found cremated human bones, wrapped in a type of animal hide, as well as what appear to be intricately designed jewelry and textiles. They were discovered within a granite tomb-like casing known as a cist, are made from materials not discovered in Britain at the time and hint at trading links between the area and the continent farther back then archaeologists had previously known.

Tests later confirmed the presence of human bones, teeth, a type of basket, and around 200 beads. Materials included shale and amber, brought from overseas, as well as tin - suggesting that people had been working the mineral off Dartmoor much earlier than previously thought.

Link and credit:(Andrew Brown/BBC/Press Association)

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