Millennials, depending on who you ask, are up to 34 years old and have their own children but they still seem to like shopping for food at gas stations so food companies are scrambling to create packaging that appeals to them.

Exit cans, enter microwaveable soup bags. And they want it to be healthy, microwaved food.

How do you make the same old soup seem healthier?  You put it in a carton instead of a can. Yes, perceptually, a carton looks healthier to Millennials than cans do. 

"The research shows Millennials in this survey (age 24-35) perceive the most important benefits of carton packaging to be that it is healthier, keeps food tasting fresher and is easy to recycle. Nearly three-fourths of Millennials say they would choose a leading brand of soup packaged in a carton over the identical soup product in a can in a theoretical head-to-head comparison. Ease of storing the unused portion (49 percent) and eco-friendliness (46 percent) are the top two reasons given for their choice. Forty-three percent said that taste (less likely to have a tinny or processed taste) motivated their preference."

Millennials judge food by its cover by Martin Predd, Packaging Digest