Sesame Street, what are you doing?  Last week you had Katy Perry, which brought all sorts of outrage, and now you are offending those same people by calling the Scientific Method legitimate?  
Elmo comes up with a question: Does everyone on Sesame Street take a bath? Gordon guides them through the scientific process. First, Elmo and Rosita hypothesize, or guess, that everyone takes a bath. Telly isn’t sure that everyone takes a bath so he forms a different hypothesis. They investigate and record their observations in their journals. They find out that Chris takes a bath, a cat licks itself and takes a tongue bath, a sparrow takes a dust bath, an owl takes a sun bath to get rid of germs, and even Oscar takes a mud bath in his trash can. 
Do you live for controversy?  It says this episode is brought to you by F and 14 but apparently they mean F and U at parents who don't like awesome, well-meaning pop singers - or perhaps science.