Fake volcanoes, giant space mirrors, oceans of iron filings - one of these ideas might save our planet from the worst effects of global warming – or destroy it. Memphis Barker reports on the rise of geoengineering – and the rift it has opened in the scientific community.

We have ridiculed iron fertilization in the oceans plenty - including the hypocrisy when a group of scientists at LOHAFEX defied international law to do it, and were defended by other government scientists, versus when a citizen scientist did the exact same thing and was criticized.

It's a dumb idea all the way around but at least it has the benefit of being ridiculously expensive and stupid - hopefully one of those would derail it should those nonsensical Germans go at it again.

But that's not the only weird idea being thrown around to solve the increasing CO2 problem. Sure, nuclear power would do it but let's not get crazy and introduce actual science and reason into the discussion - let's build fake volcanoes!

A fun (if terrifying) piece by Memphis Barker: Let's play God: The scientific experiments that might save the world (or destroy it...)