I discovered several of my articles at http://onbilgi.com/ today, all of them lifted from here, all of them without my name as author, all of them without links back to here. Not only did I find my work, it looks like all the articles they have are taken from here. They've taken your posts, too.
"Scientific Consensus" by Patricl Lockerby (not that you'd know it over there) is there. So is his "Charity, What Does It Mean? - Sadaqa, Matlab Kya He?" complete with the photos he used.

Steve Davis's 2009 piece "Evolutionary Biology - Home Of The Idiot Savant" is there, too.

While it doesn't look like there are any posts taken after 2010, the fact remains that this website took our work posted here and reprinted it without our permission without attributing it to us, without linking back to us. And this is simply not acceptable.