Serious cursing was heard in the Wombles household when Blogger inexplicably failed yesterday and still wasn't fixed today. I wailed. I nashed my teeth. I seriously thought of getting off my arse and doing something else. And then I remembered. I am on other sites. That's right: besides the fourteen bloody blogs I've got on blogger, I have several at wordpress. I'm at Open Salon. I'm at Before It's News (I want to open a site called After No One Gives A Shit). And let us never forget, I'm at Science 2.0 (my favorite place for sciency-ness, like truthiness, only better). Of course, this last one is for sciency stuff and that requires effort and some modicum of seriousness. Do I strike you as in a serious mood? Ah well, I'll post here anyway; there is, after all, a humor category. 

Snarky mood, yes. Serious, no. What to do, what to do? It was killing me and annoying the crap out of the people around me. And so I posted at Open Salon. But good gods, how was anyone going to know I was there? I'm almost never read over there; it's just like my backup plan, you know? Oh yeah, facebook and twitter, right? Right. And so there you go, I wrote at Open Salon. Problem solved. Who needs blogger? Oh, me, okay. I don't like change. I started with blogger, and I don't like change.

So, it's up, it's running, and I'm getting my fix in now at Blogger, and I bet everyone else who was jonesing is now, too.

My post this morning at Open Salon, detailing how I managed to crave my insatiable need for an attempt to get attention. Strike that-- my need to communicate deep thoughts about important stuff.

Blogger Jonesing, or How Open Salon Let Me Get My Fix In

Today and yesterday, tens of thousands of people across the world gasped in collective horror as comments refused to be accepted and then, even worse, as commenting and posting ability became unavailable. The outrage, the horror, nay, the desperation has only grown over the passing hours as people have been denied their fix.

That's right, I said fix. Blogging has become an addiction. The need to go visit the blogosphere has replaced newspaper reading and gossiping over back fences. Now we dip our toes into strangers' lives and leave without ever saying we played voyeur.

Bloggers avidly watch their ip tracers, track their counts, note who's been back, and who hasn't, try to match up commenters with ips, and stress over who from Milwaukee has sat on their blog all day every day. And if the person comes often and never leaves a comment, we wonder why, why won't they say hello?

And now, here we are, blogger readers and writers, alike, stuck. No ability to write new posts. No ability to comment. Oh dear God, we are jonesing! 

The frenzy on other media platforms over Blogger's crap-out is reaching a fever pitch. Facebook statuses like mine quote the blogger's updates. We lament that they've taken down our last two posts. By gods, they better not have lost them!

Twitter is awash in tweets on blogger. Heck, blogger even has a twitter account. You know I'm following them now!

So big is this, so serious is this, that Huffington Post is even reporting on it. It's about time they got to serious news reporting. People may be forced to find new and non-internet based ways to communicate! We may have to go outside and hunt down neighbors or pick up phones and talk!

What? Oh. There are lots of other free blogging platforms like Open Salon?

Never mind.