Just a quickie here. So I'm reading a comic book, Marvel's "Ultimate Galactus". In it, a godlike being named (in Kree... not Cree, but Kree) Gah Lak Tus is attacking the Earth, sending superpowered agents to destroy our only rocket by which humans might escape.

It's supposed to be present day, not the far future. Yet here's what they ask us to believe. There's an army of invisible custom-designed aliens including 'killforms', mutated clones, an alien Kree with a power suit that fits into a single armband, faster than light travel. The aliens destroy the NASA rocket. NASA says they can roll out the new one in minutes, if the heroes-- who can fly under their own power-- can just hold off the invisible superpowered aliens and their clone army long enough.
Dialog: "We're all set." "Board is green. When I hit commit, the drive ignites. We just have to play target a little while longer..."
I can't accept that-- totally implausible. Prepping and launching a rocket in mere minutes? Launching from the Vehical Assembly Building 'crawler' while rolling out? Impossible! Why can't these comics be realistic? Galactus would so have won if those cheating writers had any clue how rocket launches work.

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