Alert! Voting starts today with NASA's goofy but fun Launch Madness brackets, mimicking sports' March Madness. A bit ironic given I'd just written on how voting does not make science. That said, choose your favorite missions and see how your vote stacks up! (Warning: Flash required) Good luck with the acronyms. I had to check to see MER was the Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. I predict that anything marked STS-# will not do well, as it's harder for "just another shuttle mission" to compete with a focused mission that also has a catchy name. My long-term bet, it'll be Apollo 11 (having beaten Freedom 7) vs Skylab (who beat the Vikings), and Apollo 13 (defeating Clementine) vs Voyager 1&2 (crushing JWST) for the penultimate bracket, then Apollo 11 vs the Voyagers for the final. Enjoy, Alex, the daytime astronomer