With little fanfare, NASA released on online simulation of spacewalking, the ISS, and real science in space.  Real physics, real challenges, no sissified arcade-y action or twitch gaming.  Just you, physics, and a mission.  And they call it... "Station Spacewalk Game"

That's a really... NASA title.  But the game is getting good feedback.  Prolific facebook/twitter-er Little SDO (the living embodiment of the Solar Dynamic Observatory) wrote "My dear SDO Team-- in case you don't reach me, well, that is because I am playing NASA's new Space Station game".  A followup poster added "I haven't figured it all out yet, but I really get the feeling that I could go floating off never to be seen or heard of again!!"

And I, I have no time not because I'm floating in space or playing a game but because... I'm writing about LittleSDO having no time.  Yesh, I need a life.

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