Mission Madness got personal. Perhaps it was the SPB ballooning of votes, perhaps it is simply inherent in any popularity contest like this. With only three rounds let to go (vote early, vote often!), the epithets are flying. Match the quote below with its quarterfinalist mission! Trash Talk
  1. "a mission to cold, dead rocks"
  2. "biologically infested mission"
  3. "biologically infested mission"
  4. "hasn't launched yet"
  5. don't even count as [a] mission!
  6. "It either deflates or explodes"
  1. LRO
  2. Freedom7
  3. Vikings I&II
  4. SOHO
  5. SPB
  6. ORION
  7. Expedition 16
  8. New Horizons
And yes, that's only 6 comments for 8 missions. After an hour's search, I simply couldn't find more. All I can say is, this is the nicest trash talking crowd I've ever heard. Go space! Alex, the daytime astronomer