I recently got back the referee's comments on my mad scientist speech, submitted to the Journal for Villains (JV).


Ha ha!1         They2 said3 it couldn't[could not] be done!4

          2who? specify, cite previous work
          3'wrote' [list citations]
          4'accomplished'? give budget and timeframe exceeded

But I[Antunes et al] proved[presented possible proof that] all of them wrong!5

          5cite which theory and reform as a positive, e.g. "we verified that the ___ theorum is likely true."

When6 I[We] said[wrote]7 I'd flip8 the Earth's magnetic[geomagnetic] field,
         7also provide citation
         8"predicted"? "induced"? "modeled"? not clear as written

they9 kicked me out10 of the Academy[full name needed].
         9who? the same 'they' as line 1? cite.
         10colloquial, indicate date and any degree conferred

But now I[We] shall have my revenge!!!11
         11save for the 'Results' section

Apparently I have a lot of writing work still to do. But they haven't heard the last from me!

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