Brain Science Podcast: Do Emotions Make Us Smarter?

by Dylan Evans Emotion: The Science of Sentiment by Dylan Evans is the featured book for this episode...

Both Sides Of The Paranormal Debate?

Personally I have very little interest in the paranormal or parapsychology, but I have to commend...

Brain Science Podcast Explores Neuroplasticity

In this week's episode we explore the recent research that has established, contrary to long-standing...

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I am an emergency physician with a long-standing interest in neuroscience. I also enjoy reading about other scientific disciplines.

In addition to writing here, I do two podcasts, ... Read More »


Based on the comments to me first post I realized that many of you may be unfamilar with podcasting. First of all, you don't need an iPod™ or even an mp3 player. Podcasts are basically audio or video recordings that are placed on the internet so that others can listen to them later. Most podcasters try to put out their shows on a regular basis and their listeners can subscribe via RSS feeds, so that they get each episode when it is available. So podcasting is based on the same RSS feed system that makes monitoring multiple blogs easy. In fact, if you are using a RSS aggregator to read this blog, you can also use it to get most podcasts.

I discovered the Scientific Blogging site while preparing the next episode of my Books and Ideas Podcast , which is going to be a discussion of Dr. Lee M. Silver 's excellent book Challenging Nature . Therefore, I must admit that I am more of a podcaster than blogger.