L. Frank Baum wrote "The Wizard of Oz" in 1900. As a centennial-celebration of this hugely popular American story, I went back to a reread. There are many themes to be explored in the land of Oz created by Baum. Starting with "Oz," you knew it stood for ounce, ounces of silver, contrary to others saying the tabs of O to Z in file folders, right?

The author was into supporting the silver platform in contemporary US politics. In 1960, S. J. Sackett wrote "Utopia of Oz", The Georgian Review, Vol XIV, pp 275-290. Here, staying with politics, are the political elements that I culled from this article. My assessment of these fifteen positions in 2008 is given as grades in progress since 1900.

01. Especial disposition toward charitable or benevolent actions (F)
02. Freedom of the individual (D)
03. Voluntary acceptance of responsibility (B)
04. Progressive prison reform (F)
05. Proposition that money is relatively unimportant (F)
06. Possibility of making a better world (C)
07. Pleasure of work (A)
08. Significance of contentment (B)
09. Nonconformity (C)
10. Superiority of man over machine (F)
11. Need for permiting both sexes to share equally in the good life (C)
12. Folly of war (F)
13. Reverence for life (F)
14. Truly substantial education (C)
15. Need for the intellect and the emotions to be brought to harmony (B)

Do you agree with me that we flunk? My grading was influenced by the overwhelming support for wars and religion,  availability of self therapy other than religion, CNN, and the internet.

Music goes with politics and is said to exist for enjoyment in the land of Oz. Remembering another theme, good v evil,  again political, the people of Oz might have sung the following song about a good man who gave us the CNN.

The new "Ted Turner" Song

Ted calls his name
Service is his fame
Turner turned World News
Into a 24-7 game!

As the world turns
So Ted's passion burns
Humanity loves him such
His charity widely churns.

Ted must love hilarity
Color B&W to clarity
Why to fuss here
Over a man o'Rarity?

In fields of snow
Ted's buffalo herds know
Free to roam large
While praising Turner's bow.

Since first, Fine Scientist
Said Ted's the greatest!
"Man with a heart"
Helped humanity the Bravest.

Seventy is a perfection
Arrives at Ted's station
2008's only a warm-up
For 150's in transaction.

Look people, in deed
Count bead by bead
See any man greater
To love ALL splendid!

Thank you, thank you.