It's been a good decade for "The Wizard of Oz" - much better than the Oz books merit but in that one story there is the kernel of something terrific that has resonated with people for decades.   There was a time when it was less cool - anyone watching "The Wiz" had to wonder what they were thinking but re-tellings of the story in more recent years have been terrific.

"Wicked", for example, tells the story of the Wicked Witch and she ends up being a lot more sympathetic.   The core storyline of "The Wizard of Oz" pops in and out but it is her story - and the musical is terrific. 

 The next decade looks to be a terrific one for L. Frank Baum also, since Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber are reuniting to do a 'Wizard of Oz' musical,and how can you doubt the power of those two, since they did terrific stuff when they were together and became Broadyway musical mega-giants separately.

In between those is a neat little mini-series I just discovered that played on the Sci-Fi Channel (now SyFy for no reason I understand) called "Tin Man", which aired in 2007.   But, and you knew this cliche was coming, you aren't in Kansas any more.  Oz is now "The O.Z." and you will find out it has been generations since "The Wizard of Oz".

It's unlike a movie such as "Avatar", which seems to lack editing due to the vanity of James Cameron, there isn't a wasted minute in "Tin Man" and the casting is perfect.   Zooey Deschaniel is well-liked by many but I haven't found a single thing she was in where she wasn't just being herself, yet she is perfect in the role of D.G., the apex of the plot even though it is truly the Tin Man's story.  The villain is the sorceress Azkadellia - Kathleen Robertson, an actress I recognized yet had to look up because she had primarily been in things like "Beverly Hills 90210" but she is very nuanced here.

Neal McDonough is Wyatt Cain, the "Tin Man" of the miniseries, called such because he is a former cop in the O.Z. but also when we meet him he is trapped in a sinister torture chamber that is literally a suit of iron, where he is forced to watch the abduction of his family by Azkadelia's soldiers in a fantasy simulation.

I won't spoil the plot but the trailer is below so if you're looking for a fun way to spend 4 hours this weekend, "Tin Man" is the way to go.   If you have Netflix it's available in their Instant Play section so you don't even need to wait for the DVD to arrive.