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Here are the answers to last week's geek off:
1. Geek Culture/Ephemera
Blackbeard: 4, C, d
Black Bart: 2, B, b
Mary Read: 4, D, a
Jean Lafitte: 1, A, c

Pirates Geek Off.jpg

2. Math/Science
In this picture, the Cassini space probe fires radio signals through a conceptualized matrix showing Einstein’s general relativity. Specifically, researchers measured the time the signal took to travel from the space probe to earth. It was delayed as predicted by general relativity—the path warped and thus extended as shown by the Sun’s gravitational bending of space-time.

3. Classic Puzzle
Tom= Knee, Soccer
Fred= Concussions, Curling
Bill= Shoulder, Baseball
Andy= Wrist, Basketball
Carl= Hip, Football

4. Tech
How to have sex on Second Life:
1. Buy genitalia
2. Buy desired “scripted” devices (clothes, bed, toys, etc.). These devices will animate your character’s actions for the desired use (may have to click “pose ball”).
3. Find private area or sex club. Many free orgy rooms exist, or pay to play in a private sex room.
4. Either hire an escort (500-1,500 Linden Dollars or $2-$6 per session) or hit on an avatar by chatting, Skype, or by phone.
5. Let the good times roll.