Do you have what it takes to be Scientific Blogging's alpha geek? Well it’s time put your geek where your mouth is…IF YOU CAN!

But first a warning: yes, you could Google for these answers, but then, deep down, you’ll know you’re a bad person. Then again, you might win a free Geeks’ Guide to World Domination. So you’ll have to balance total loss of self worth with free geek schwag. It’s up to you.

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To The Geek-Off Already!

1. Geek Culture/Ephemera
If “geek” is one end of a

socio-cultural spectrum, then certainly the other end of the spectrum

is WWF. Why then is WWF (now WWE) so inherently fascinating to us

geeks? Maybe it’s the expression by wrestlers of the geek’s repressed

Id; more likely, it has something to do with steroidal meatheads taking

themselves oh-so-seriously while clad in neon lycra skimpy enough to

make a Frenchman blush. Either way, sort the following list of classic

wrestlers into “Faces” and “Heels”. If you haven’t a clue what a Face

or Heel is, well, then this will be especially difficult.

WWF Stars of the 1980’s:
Hulk Hogan
Junkyard Dog
Rowdy Roddy Piper
The Fabulous Moolah
Big John Studd
Captain Lou Albano
Wendi Richter
Hillbilly Jim
The Iron Sheik
Superfly Jimmy Snuka

2. Math/Science

Thumbnail image for Figure 92.jpg

3. Classic Puzzle
Move one bottlecap to create two lines of four caps each. Which cap do you move? Where does it go?

Thumbnail image for Figure 272.jpg

4. Tech
Write the meanings of the following somewhat esoteric text message abbreviations: