Donald Trump has been roundly criticized for calling the virus that causes Covid-19 a "Chinese virus" it has been said that using a term invented by Chinese state media the "Wuhan Virus" is also racist.   He is trying to rebut the propaganda and lies of the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party which has said via official channels that they think it came from an American serviceman who visited Wuhan China.  That it was developed by the US Army to use against China.  That is a lie on the order of stating that the Great Leap Forward was a huge success and the Tiananmen Square protest never occurred. It must be rebutted with all available force.   However, Asian Americans have suffered "racist" xenophobic and discriminatory  attacks because of this.  That said, a stern lesson from history shows why we cannot simply concede to the language chosen by the Chinese Communist Party in the name of not being called racist.  To criticize this party is to stand up for over one billion Chinese people who cannot dare speak out.  According to the Chinese communist party the Tiananmen square massacre never occurred.  That is a lie, a huge lie.  Compared to that lie a bit of propaganda about a virus is nothing. 

Asian Americans, Casualties of a Propaganda Battle.

East Asians are a smaller group here in the US who have a complex relationship to racism.  Suffering greatly yet also being thought of as an treated as a "model minority".   Accepted in some context yet rejected in others.  Thought of as smarter than the other students and so not needing as much help YET being no more able than any other students.  As a result, they may struggle latter on in school unless they study hard on their own. This virus has reminded people that both sides of that status are rooted in the idea of Asians as "other" than white.  No it is not quite the same as that which was done to Africans the world over.  We were as Robin DiAngleo describes it treated as the ultimate racial other. (Chinese and Japanese people got the exclusion acts black people were property.) This makes it hard for some people to see this discrimination for how bad it is even if it does not rise to the level of something like chattel slavery or the holocaust.   Yet it is a great evil and can lead to such thing if unchecked. Asian Americans have suffered hundreds of xenophobic attacks in the last few weeks as foolish people think that a virus originating in China means that all Asian people are responsible.  Those people are the same kind who when told bleach will kill the virus might drink a cup of bleach.

  It is a very real problem that fighting this propaganda battle with the CCP will cause as a casualty suffering for Asian Americans.  The blame for that lies on the fools and bigots who firstly cannot see the difference between people from China VS Vietnam VS Japan VS Korea.    The same ignorant people, and even many who think themselves enlightened cannot see that the Chinese Communist Party is not of by or for the Chinese people. 

The story of the tank man.  In 1989 students in Beijing China created a protest camp in Tiananmen square.  It started out as mourning a communist party official who had died and evolved in time into a pro-democracy movement.  The military was called in once and backed off.  Then they came one night with tanks and live ammo and cleared Tiananmen square with deadly force.   To this day if you try to discuss it on the internet or in public in the Peoples republic of China you may be disappeared. 

The great leap forward. 

 The great leap forward was portrayed as a huge success by the CCP.  This economic program of Mao’s lead to approximately 45-50 million deaths due to famine.  He had the children of city people shipped to the country to work on collective farms called people’s communes.  He had people who lived on the communes try to produce steel in back yard furnaces.  Both agricultural production and steel production were lied about.  The deaths due to starvation were lied about.  Then the whole thing was covered up.  Mao was out and free years latter to launch a cultural revolution which would devastate traditional Chinese culture. 

Beware of Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Not Random Asian People You Meet.

The Chinese Communist Party whose propaganda has been unwittingly spread by western media and social media is the greatest oppressor of Asian people inside and outside of China in history.  They have killed millions via their inability to punish the incompetence of party members including their paramount leaders.  They have made criminal their negligence by refusing to acknowledge even that mistakes were made.   In the covid-19 situation their same old pattern has repeated.    

The largest country by population on Earth is China to hate China is to hate a large fraction of humanity.  To love Chinese people is not to love the Chinese government.   To equate China or Chinese people with all Asians is ignorant.  To attack Asian people in America for a situation that is, at worst, due to the mismanagement of a government they never had anything to do with is criminally stupid.  

The only thing worst is to mindlessly parrot the CCP propaganda and to prolong, even slightly, the brutal oppression of over 1.4 Billion people.  Including the specific oppression of minorities in Tibet,  Uighurs of Xinjiang in concentration camps, and the repression of Falun Gong practitioners.  In all cases chiefly for having a cultural identity that is not in lock step with that of the Han Chinese dominated CCP.   That is an evil that must be opposed right along with our own domestic racism. 

We in the west can and must do both. 

Do not believe anything the CCP says about this virus.  Do protect the rights and lives of Asian Americans. 

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